Comprehending Perfection

A quick thought for today:

Accepting Christ as Savior doesn’t guarantee that life will be easy, or that you won’t face trials. Scripture says otherwise (1 Peter 4:12-19). Jesus warns us that we will face tribulation in this world. What following Christ does ensure though, is that 1) you will never face your problems alone, because Jesus is with you, (Matthew 28:20) and 2) that because of His sacrifice, you can spend an eternity in Heaven with Him (John 3:16).

If you’ve ever tried to imagine God’s kingdom, it’s probably been a little difficult. I’m not sure our human minds can comprehend the magnificence of Heaven! When we try to imagine what it’s like there, we base it off of a comparison to this world, which is broken and troubled. Because of this, I’m not sure our wildest expectations of what Heaven is like, could even come close to the glorious place that awaits us.

This is true about God, as well. We know that God is good, but I’m not sure we can even begin to comprehend the complete goodness that is Him! We, having sinned, are just simply not able to understand His perfection. We’re not perfect. It requires faith to believe, and a joyful heart to imagine such greatness. We should try our hardest, to joyfully celebrate that which we have not yet seen, because whatever it’s like, it’s much better than the best of things here. It’s perfection. And to think, God wants us to have a part in it all!

What an honor, that The Lord would share His perfection with us! That’s something to get excited about!