Written in the Angel Tongue, translated by Connie Tinnin

My name is Myel….I am an angel.  Really, I am!  It was two thousand years ago, (time doesn’t matter here) and I was a chubby cherub, that the most stupendous and amazing wonder happened.  I put this incredible event on a scroll for all souls; both those who are here and those who will be here.  That way they will have the true account of what happened here when the miracle began.  I was playing hide and seek in the clouds with my cherub buddies.  Gabriel usually joined us in the game.  He loved to jump out of a cloud and pretend he’s going to send us to the nursery for disturbing the shape and symmetry of the clouds.  That day, he did not join us.  He seemed distracted and very serious.  I’m sure I’m his favorite Cherub!  He would often take me on some of his journeys to earth, as long as I promised to behave and not make myself known to the humans or the animals when he delivered his messages.  Sometimes he would toss me from one cloud to another while teaching me to fly with my small wings.  They had not grown enough to hold me up, so Gabriel taught me about wind currents, atmosphere and all the ways to glide from place to place.  He once told me if I lost 10 lbs, my little sprout of wings could hold me up.  He always smiled and said it with a musical laugh, so I was not offended.  Gabriel is one of the Archangels; meaning he holds a very high office here.  I love that he is my friend, teacher and guide.  There are other Archangels, of course.  Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, and Uriel are known as the Band of Brothers.  They are magnificent and mighty.  Michael carries a huge sword with symbols and writings on the blade.  I cannot even lift the sword, it is so heavy.  Michael is a true warrior.  He always accompanies the other brothers when they leave the 7th heaven (that’s where we reside.)  Michael has their backs.  There have not been too many times he’s been delayed by Lucifer and his lackeys.  He should know not to mess with Michael.  Anyway, there was a feeling; something in the air that was disturbing, yet exciting too.  We cherubs heard whisperings and saw many of the Hosts of Heaven standing close together with their wings wrapped around their robes, like a cocoon.  Some had their heads bowed, but some had a fiery visage.  Michael stood erect and at attention as he explained to the Hosts of Heaven the assignment Gabriel was given by God, Blessed Be His Name.  As Gabriel stood before the throne, Michael put on his golden armor.  His sword was drawn, so we knew that something very strange was happening.  Gabriel turned slowly, walked to the edge of the pearly gates and stood there in silent contemplation.  I ran as fast as I could, jumping over flowers, streams and trees of all colors to ask him if I could travel with him again.  He turned when I spoke and said, “Ah, little one.  This journey you cannot take with me.  I have been given the most holy and momentous tidings to deliver.  You see, Father God, Blessed Be His Name, is sending me to earth to an innocent young Jewish maiden named Mary.  She has been chosen to receive the Holy Seed of Life.  God, Blessed Be His Name, will make them pure once again.  I was stunned!  How can this be?  I ran to the throne.  God, Blessed Be His Name, sits there.  He all Light, All Beauty, and all Love.  Surely He would never leave heaven to be born on the stinky, dirty, and sinful earth!  Why, why would He do this?  When I arrived back to the throne room, I saw thousands and thousands of Angels, Hosts, and Creatures of all shapes and sizes bowing down in front of the throne.  There was absolute silence; not a burdensome silence, but a silence of expectation.  A Holy Silence.  I stood quiet and still, confused and a little frightened.  Shouts rang out as Michael marched into the gates with the widest smile.  He is usually quite sober, you know.  Behind him came Gabriel.  He flew to me and tugged on my wings.  He shouted, “Peace on Earth, Good Will Toward Men.  Mankind and Heavenkind bonded together once again.   MERRY CHRISTMAS