Sword of the Lord is so pleased to announce the beginning of a new school year.  There will be an open house here Sept.10 from 7:00 – 8:30.
If you are curious about the textbooks, want to talk to teachers or obtain knowledge of what the classes are all about; we welcome you.
We have been a part of the community for over 20 years; and are very excited that we are able to offer studies which are meticulous and riveting. We have accreditation pending for degree work and also welcome anyone to take these courses for their own personal study. These courses were part of the ministry of the Southwestern Christian University, founded by Dr. R. O. Corvin. Dr. Bob Fausett, Pastor of Hilltop Church, carries the torch for these excellent Bible courses with integrity and a commitment to bring the Word of God to those who seriously want to begin a deeper study of the Bible, or are wanting a degree for whatever purpose they need. We have excellent references from former students, so if anyone is interested, please call the church at 417-335-5266 or DR. Fausett’s cell phone at 417-331-3535. We promise to give you the names of persons who are not affiliated with the church in anyway, other than attending the courses with us. We want you to have any references, ask any questions, and settle any hesitation regarding the goals and desires we have to only provide the opportunity to increase the knowledge of the Holy Scriptures to those who are seeking, those who have found, and those who are just not sure. We love class discussions, and digging deeper in the Bible. You will too!

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